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Relax, recharge, and explore: a Mental Health Day at Dexter Regional High School

Date: 04/19/2023

On Friday, April 14, Dexter Regional High School students took time to recharge, connect with peers and staff, and learn about the resources available to them at a Mental Health Day coordinated by the school’s Positive Action Team (PAT). The Positive Action Team is a grant funded, student-led collaborative effort between Dexter Regional High School and Northern Light Mayo Hospital.

“The Mental Health Day provided a chance for students to learn about resiliency, explore coping skills, manage stress, and just spend a relaxing day together,” says Bree Clayton, community health coordinator, Mayo Hospital. “We want students to know that there are lots of tools and resources available in the school and community.”

Workshops and activities included volleyball, ping pong, crocheting, paint pouring, arts and crafts, dancing, games, and more. Students learned about community resources available to them at the Prevention Café. A staff/student basketball game capped off the day.

“We are trying to smash the mental health stigma and make it more well known that mental health is a concern in our community and in our school,” says Shelby Dyson, an eleventh grader and member of the Positive Action Team. “A takeaway from today is that you don’t need to keep it to yourself, because many are battling it, too.”

“People don’t talk about it all that much, so that makes it even much more of a problem,” says Chloe Murdock, a ninth grader and member of the Positive Action Team. “Having a day like this when we have a chance to talk about our mental health will help everyone in the long run. Let it go and let it all out. Talking about it lifts a big weight off peoples’ shoulders.”

The Mental Health Day is one of many activities that the Positive Action Team holds throughout the year to share resources and ideas about mental health, substance use, and overall wellbeing.

The Mental Health Day was supported by Helping Hands with Heart and Penquis Youth Engagement.