The hospital pharmacy department is responsible for providing essential pharmaceuticals to all inpatient and outpatient departments at Northern Light Mayo Hospital.

Clinical services consist of a review of all medication orders for interactions, allergies, duplications, and appropriate doses. Pharmacists, both on-site and from remote contracted service, provide this service 24 hours per day and 7 days per week to provide safe and effective drug therapy to our patients. Pharmacists consult with other health care providers regarding pharmacokinetic dosing, renal dose adjustments, and medication reconciliation. Drug information is provided to health professionals and the public utilizing a number of different print and electronic sources.

Medication safety is a key element of pharmacy services. Technology such as automated dispensing machines, electronic medical records, and bedside barcode scanning, are utilized to minimize the chance of adverse reactions and errors. The pharmacist participates on a number of multidisciplinary committees devoted to reviewing medication use with the goal of providing safe, effective drug therapy.

The hospital has automated medication dispensing machines located in the larger departments, all linked with the electronic medical record system. This allows nursing to sign into a med-station, pick their patient with an identifying account number and select from a list of medications that have been specifically ordered for that patient and reviewed by a pharmacist. All medications are bar-coded and scanned at the patient’s bedside, along with the patient’s ID bracelet, before the patient receives a medication. The system alerts pharmacy and nursing to any patient allergies or interactions prior to any medications being given.

The pharmacy serves inpatients in the Medical/Surgical, Special Care Unit and Obstetrics, Emergency Department patients, surgical patients, and Emergency Medical Services (ambulance) patients.

The pharmacy services Mayo Hospital Rural Health Clinics physician offices in Dover-Foxcroft, Dexter, Milo, and Corinth. It also supplies medications to hospital outpatient departments such as cardiopulmonary, diabetes & nutrition, Heartwise, oncology, radiology, rehabilitation services and Work Health.