Community Outreach

Northern Light Mayo Hospital has a long-standing commitment to the wellness of the communities we serve. This commitment has grown and evolved through years of service, most recently with the establishment of our Community Outreach Department. This department focuses on bringing services and education into the communities as well as linking community members with services that are available to them.

To determine the needs of our community, our outreach team conducts a well-planned and comprehensive community health needs assessment. Every three years, we collect key data to strategically plan and provide outreach programs and services where they are most needed and where we can make the most measurable impact in our community.

By partnering with key community leaders within local, state and national organizations, we can enhance our effectiveness to create strong, diverse systems that support the health of our community. Mayo Hospital Community Outreach has several health programs developed to address the unique health needs of our rural community.

We strongly encourage individuals, families and community members to become partners in addressing their health needs. Please contact us today for more information.

View our Community Health Needs Assessment