What happens during a routine gynecological appointment?

A routine gynecological appointment is centered on your health as a woman. To start, your provider will talk about your health and wellness, including how to stay healthy and any concerns you have. They may also ask you questions, such as about your menstrual cycle and sexual activity.

During every gynecological appointment, you’ll have a general physical exam, during which your provider will check your blood pressure, height, and weight. They will also do a breast exam, which checks for lumps and other signs of breast cancer.

You may also undergo a pelvic exam, which checks your:

  • Vulva (external female genital area)
  • Vagina (the tube that connects the cervix to the outside of the body) and cervix (the end of the uterus at the top of the vagina). This is done using a tool called a speculum, which holds the walls of the vagina open.
  • Other internal organs, using a gloved hand and lubrication

Depending on your age, you may undergo cervical cancer screening, such as a Pap test. This is a test where a small sample of cells is taken from your cervix to check for cancer.