Cardiac Rehabilitation

Northern Light Mayo Hospital’s Cardiac Rehabilitation program “Heartwise” was designed in response to the growing number of individuals in the area who have some type of heart or blood vessel disease. The program helps patients and families make changes and adjustments to lifestyles and habits to reach and stay healthy. Heartwise accomplishes this through planned programs of supervised exercise and education.

Programs are conducted by trained individuals from various professions. Physicians, nurses, paramedics, and dieticians work together under the direction of our Medical Director to provide you with a safe and efficient rehabilitation program.

Phase I: Supervised exercise and education programs. Your physician’s order is required for participation in the program. All patients are interviewed and have a health assessment completed prior to beginning the program.

Phase II: This program is designed for patients who have experienced a cardiac event. Patients begin the program at an appropriate time after their discharge from the hospital and are monitored by telemetry while exercising on stationary bicycles, recumbent cross trainers, arm ergometer or treadmills. Each patient has an individually planned program to safely meet their needs and reach their health goals.