At Lakewood we pride ourselves on having more private rooms than any other provider of rehabilitation and post-operative care services in the region. Our inclusive family care development meetings ensure that you and your family are part of every decision as we guide you through the process of getting home as soon as safely possible.

You’ll be comforted by the same face during the screening, intake, and welcome process. Our family-friendly transition services will ensure that all of your questions are answered in a way that you will easily understand. As well, in-house social services, mental health services, and non-denominational chaplaincy services put important everyday needs under one roof.

Our 24-hour licensed and certified staff are dedicated to providing choices as well as the highest level of dignity throughout the rehabilitation and post-operative care process. Our rehab staff will make certain to attend all your off-site appointments to guarantee that everyone involved in your care is updated with all of the information they need to get you home as soon as safely possible. We also provide comprehensive training to caregivers so that your transition home continues to build on the foundation created during your stay at Lakewood.

Physical therapy, speech therapy, and occupational therapy are all key parts of the healing process and helping an individual patient reach their highest potential. Our licensed and certified staff creates and adapts programs to help you build strength, regain mobility, restore communication and even reduce pain.

We offer confidential payment counseling, work with all insurance providers, and work on your behalf to obtain insurance pre-authorization to ensure your room is available when you need it.

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