For Care Managers

As a Care Manager you play an important role in the life of someone who requires a certain degree of specialized care. Whether you represent an assisted living facility, boarding home, or are a caregiver within the continuum of care... Lakewood is here to help.

We work with assisted living facilities and boarding homes every day to ensure that each resident receives uninterrupted care. When your organization is faced with a situation where a resident no longer qualifies for care or needs a higher degree of care than you are able to provide, we can assist with all facets of the transition process. Our best-in-class transition services will work with your organization and the resident to ensure a seamless transition to Lakewood. We accept all insurances, work to attain pre-approval, and offer financial counseling services.

If you are a physician, or specialty practice we understand the challenge of obtaining comprehensive updates on all aspects of your patient's care. At Lakewood, we understand this concern and have developed an all-encompassing process that ensures you will have all the most up-to-date information, when you need it, in order to make the best possible care decisions for your patients. Our reservation process ensures bed availability, and our transition services work directly with you to define what information you would like and the frequency and method you would like it delivered. In essence, we understand that we are an important partner with you working together to ensure the successful outcomes for your patients.

Call us today to check on room availability and let us know how we can best serve your needs at 207-873-5125