How to Collect a “24 Hour” Urine Specimen

Your physician has asked you to provide a 24-hour urine specimen. Important tests will be done with your specimen. You can help make sure the results of these tests are correct by following these instructions:

  1. Drink your normal intake of fluids for the duration of this test.

  2. The 24‐hour collection period begins when you get up in the morning and empty your bladder. DO NOT SAVE THIS URINE! Record the time and date of this voiding above.

  3. Collect ALL urine (day and night) for the next 24 hours. Your final collection is when you empty your bladder the next morning (approximately 24 hours from the start time recorded on the container). Record this time and date above.

  4. Keep the specimen in a cool place. Refrigerate if possible, but do not freeze.

  5. Deliver the specimen to the lab as soon as possible after completion of last collection.

*Ask your provider of any medications to be discontinued or foods to avoid.