HealthInfoNet Information

HealthInfoNet is a secure computer system that combines your key medical information from separate providers to create a single electronic health record. This includes information like your medicines, allergies, test results, and health problems. Having access to this information can help your providers participating in the system more easily work together, make better decisions about your care, and reduce mistakes, especially in an emergency.

Information is encrypted and sent over private and secure computer connections. Information that identifies you will not be sold, and your name will not be added to any mailing list. Only those involved in your care see your information in the system, and it keeps track of who has looked at your record, when, and what they looked at.

You can choose not to participate in HealthInfoNet. Participation is voluntary. If you feel the risks outweigh the benefits, you may choose not to participate ("opt-out"). For more information about HealthInfoNet, please visit their website or contact 866-592-4352.

Access HealthInfoNet to complete the "Opt-In" and "Opt-Out" forms for this service