Healthcare has become more complex in recent years. Along with healthcare reform, there is increasing emphasis on preventing and detecting violations of state and federal healthcare laws, regulations, and rules. The Department of Health and Human Services and its Office of the Inspector General (OIG) strongly encourages all healthcare providers to implement effective compliance programs. Northern Light Health and its members (to include Northern Light Laboratory) have established compliance programs to encourage a culture of ethics and compliance and to demonstrate that we are serious about making the right decisions when providing healthcare services to our communities.

The Northern Light Health compliance programs are established to:
  • Maintain and enhance the quality of care
  • Demonstrate sincere and ongoing efforts to comply with all applicable laws, rules, and regulations
  • Develop and revise compliance policies and procedures, including our Code of Conduct
  • Monitor and audit potential compliance risk areas and implement corrective actions when required
  • Provide annual and recurring education on compliance topics
  • Establish resources and tools for employees to raise concerns and ensure that these concerns are appropriately addressed

The Northern Light Health Compliance Taskforce is comprised of compliance officers from the Northern Light Home Office and our member organizations. This group meets monthly to discuss key developments in healthcare compliance, review compliance policies, and to assess and address compliance risks throughout our organization.

Annual notice to physicians, Advance beneficiary notice of noncoverage, and Medicare lab screening benefits.

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Information about HealthInfoNetMaine Health Data Organization, Privacy, and Authorization to release protected health information (PHI).

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At Northern Light Laboratory, we take very seriously the confidentiality and security of the information we have about you and your laboratory services. If you have any concerns or questions regarding Northern Light Laboratory's HIPAA policies or practices, please email Dayna Emerson at to make her aware of them.