Spondylitis Support Group

Spondylitis support group meets the first Thursday of every month

Spondylitis defined is the fusing of the neck and spine and we know that an active role in managing spondylitis, backed by a sound knowledge base, will positively influence its outcome. The people who lead Spondylitis Educational Support Groups play a vital role by providing a forum for those with spondylitis to take an active role in taking charge of spondylitis.

The Spondylitis support group is open to spouses, friends and family regardless if you have spondylitis yourself or know someone that does. To learn more about the current advancements in treatment in spondylitis as well as managed care, please join us on the first Thursday of every other month from 5:30 to 7 p.m. in the Ford Grant Conference Room at Inland Hospital.

FMI Contact: Michelle Andrews--207-512-2833.