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Cathie Kimball, DO, Retires After 35 Years of Service

Date: 07/15/2022

After more than 35 years in healthcare, Cathie Kimball, DO, immediate past chief of staff for Inland Hospital and lead primary care provider at our Concourse primary care practice has recently retired. 

Dr-Kimball-cropped.pngDr. Kimball started with us in 1985 as an intern and completed her residency at what was then called the Waterville Osteopathic Hospital. She served as Inland’s chief of staff for many years during her tenure. She is a past president of the American Academy of Osteopathy and is a champion of osteopathic medicine and its principles, which Inland was founded on in 1943.

We and her patients will miss her for many reasons. She has made an impact in so many people's lives through her special brand of caring and compassion. Dr. Kimball has been an incredible leader, physician, and friend to thousands of patients and to her colleagues at Inland and Northern Light Health. 

Catherine-Kimball-cropped-(1).pngShe says, “Retiring is creating a lot of mixed emotions because while the idea of retirement sounds exciting, I am also a little sad because I will miss caring for my patients and being part of a great healthcare organization. Healthcare has been my second family. I want to thank all my colleagues and everyone in our Inland family for making my career rewarding, gratifying, and fun - and most of all, memorable!” 

Farewell, Dr. Kimball, and congratulations on your retirement! 

Photos represent the start of her career and present.