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Mark Noble - True North System Awards Honorable Mention

Date: 12/03/2021

He is so good at his job and so great to work with! We’re talking about Mark Noble, Materials Specialist II in our Supply Chain department. Mark was named an Honorable Mention in our Northern Light Health system True North Awards for “Making Access Easy”. Mark was nominated for the system award after being Inland Hospital’s Trailblazer Award winner. Every day he makes a difference for everyone at Inland Hospital and Northern Light Continuing Care, Lakewood – his colleagues and our patients and residents….ordering our supplies and getting us what we need to take care of our community!
Amongst boxes of gloves and hand sanitizer in the Supply Chain department today, Terri Vieira, president, shared the news with Mark and congratulated him. Mark was humbled and credited his great team for his success. Congratulations Mark!