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Maine National Guard Members Arrive to Help in Monoclonal Antibody Clinic

Date: 12/17/2021

Terri Vieira, president of Northern Light Inland Hospital, welcomed two Maine National Guard members, Private First Class Heather Kervin (Army) and Staff Sergeant Devin Lincoln (Air Force), who will be helping in the monoclonal antibody (MAB) clinic in non-clinical roles. Governor Janet Mills announced the deployment of the Maine National Guard on Monday, December 13, 2021. Guard members may be redeployed to another site at any time if there is a higher need at another healthcare facility. 

Private First Class Kervin explained all deployed members took an online temporary nurse aid course in addition to an all-day infection prevention training held at Northern Light Eastern Maine Medical Center where guard members were taught how to properly use personal protective equipment, were fitted for N95 masks, and completed additional training. They will be working under the supervision of facility nursing staff. Both guard members share that they are proud to serve in whatever capacity is needed to help with the COVID-19 surge. 

Courtney Cook, RN, director of Birthing who assists with the MAB clinic, and Yvette Bernier, RN, helped both guard members upon arrival at Inland Hospital, instructing them on how to restock supplies, escort patients to and from the MAB clinic, disinfect, take patient vitals, and observe patients during and after their MAB treatment. Cook shared, “We are so grateful for their help. It takes a half hour for a treatment during which a nurse administers the monoclonal antibody infusion, and then the COVID-19 patient needs to be observed for an hour after the treatment is finished.” Having additional people trained to do observation means more patients can be treated each day. 

IMG_3447-Copy-(1).JPGVieira expressed, “We thank you, Maine National Guard, for your assistance. We are all in this fight together. With COVID-19 surging, please mask, keep six feet apart, frequently wash or sanitize your hands, and get vaccinated and boosted.” 

If you have COVID-19 and feel you could benefit from monoclonal antibody treatment, please contact your provider for assessment and referral, if applicable. 

Top right photo (left to right): Courtney Cook, RN; Private First Class Heather Kervin; Staff Sergeant Devin Lincoln; Terri Vieira, president

Bottom photo (left to right): Private First Class Heather Kervin; Yvette Bernier, RN; Staff Sergeant Devin Lincoln

Morning Sentinel article: Waterville’s Inland Hospital welcomes 2 Guard members to help with COVID-19 care