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KVCC Nursing Students and Instructors Recognized for Volunteer Efforts at Vaccine Clinic

Date: 03/24/2021

We would like to thank and recognize the awesome nursing students and instructors from Kennebec Valley Community College who have volunteered to vaccinate our community at our clinics at KVCC in Fairfield! You have shown skill and compassion and that will make you great nurses!

While the vaccine clinic isn’t part of their required nursing program of study, the students all told us they are getting so much out of the volunteer experience. Here are a few of their comments.

Kelly Hopkins, who is in her first year of nursing at KVCC said, "It certainly was an honor to contribute to the health of our community.  The collaboration between Northern Light Inland Hospital and the KVCC Nursing Department changed lives for so many. I will forever remember the faces of gratitude from that day."

Student-giving-someone-a-shot-edited.jpg“It was such a pleasure to volunteer at the vaccination clinic,” noted Madison St. Pierre, a first-year nursing student. She continued, “Not only to get hands on experience giving the vaccines, but also working with the public! The atmosphere was so joyous. Everyone was so impressed on how fast they were in and out of there! I was even told I gave a painless shot!”

Kelly Fairfield, a first-year nursing student commented, “I was so surprised by how enthusiastic everyone was to have a student vaccinate them.  It felt good to get complimented after each person for doing a “great job”.  I didn’t even hear the word “ouch” all day, so things seemed to be going pretty well.  The positive attitude of all the other volunteers and the joking around with the patients gave the vaccine clinic a real warm Maine vibe and was a true example of the kind of community ‘togetherness’ we have been missing for a whole year.”

KVCC-student-nurses-thumbs-up.jpgKathy Beaulieu, who is graduating from the nursing program next year said, “It was a proud feeling to be associated with such a professionally run clinic. So many recipients made comments about how "this is a well-organized event from the time you walk in the doors". Another statement heard loud and clear throughout the day was, "Is that it? You're all done? I didn't even feel it."

To learn how to schedule a vaccine at KVCC, visit or call 207.204.8551 (long-distance or carrier fees may apply).

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