POLST & Advance Directives

  1. Advance Directive: This is called different things in different states (e.g., living will, health care power of attorney) but, regardless of the term, this describes a legal document you use to provide guidance about what types of treatments you may want to receive in case of a future, unknown medical emergency. It also is where you say who can speak for you to make medical treatment decisions when you cannot speak for yourself (called a "surrogate"). All adults should have an advance directive.   Download Here
  2. Physician Order for Life-Sustaining Treatment (POLST) Form:  A POLST Form is a medical order for the specific medical treatments you want during a medical emergency. Only individuals with a serious illness or advanced frailty near the end-of-life should have this form. Learn more about POLST here

They work together! All adults should have an advance directive, but it is only when you are diagnosed with a serious illness or frailty that you should consider a POLST Form.