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Working Together to Provide Leading-Edge Cancer Treatment

Date: 01/31/2017

Hearing the words “you have cancer” is one of the most difficult things any individual or family can experience. Thanks to recently-announced partnerships involving EMHS, EMMC, and the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, patients who are diagnosed with cancer will benefit from a more collaborative approach to treatment and greater access to clinical trials.

EMMC Cancer Care has been selected as the only organization in Maine to become a member of the Dana-Farber Cancer Care Collaborative. Membership in the adult medical oncology collaborative enhances educational opportunities for staff, and offers opportunities for consultation with medical specialists at Dana-Farber in Boston for complex cases. In addition, a greater number of the latest Dana-Farber clinical trials will be available in Maine for patients at EMMC Cancer Care.

As part of the membership process, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute clinicians and other specialists conducted an extensive review of EMMC Cancer Care’s outpatient adult medical oncology practices and procedures, including patient safety protocols, nursing and pharmacy practices, chemotherapy administration, and information systems.

In addition, EMHS is becoming an affiliate of Dana-Farber. The organization will be working together to provide streamlined access to Dana-Farber in Boston for patients who are diagnosed with highly complex cancers. EMHS and Dana-Farber physicians will collaborate on cancer diagnosis, treatment, prevention, and clinical trials, with the purpose of improving care delivered by EMHS physicians in Maine.

“Collaboration knows no boundaries, especially when it comes to ensuring the people of Maine have access to the highest quality of care,” says Michelle Hood, FACHE, EMHS president and CEO. “I am pleased that this collaboration will help to support a seamless experience for our patients. Drawing on the world-renowned expertise of Dana-Farber will directly benefit so many people in our communities.”

As research continues to lead to remarkable breakthroughs in cancer treatment at a very fast pace, partnering with a national leader such as Dana-Farber will help our physicians keep up with the latest advancements and will ensure patients have access to the newest treatments.