Maine Coast Legacy Society

We are honored to recognize the following individuals for making the ultimate gift and investment in Northern Light Maine Coast Hospital’s future.  Your gift creates your legacy of giving, and ensures the future of our hospital.

We invite you to join The Legacy Society by creating a bequest through your will or by establishing another form of planned gift. For more planned giving options, please learn more here. Your gift supports our nonprofit healthcare mission and strengthens our efforts to enhance access to care, maintain a highly skilled healthcare workforce, and address some of our communities’ most important healthcare challenges. Thank you!

  • Dr. Charles B. Alexander and Mr. Timothy McCormick
  • Ms. Anne Chandler          
  • Mr. William Clark and Mrs. Barbara Donaldson Clark
  • Mrs. Fay Daigle          
  • Mr. and Mrs. F. Eugene Dixon, Jr.          
  • Ms. Elaine Dow          
  • Mrs. Margaret A. Edgecomb          
  • Mr. Douglas W. Endicott          
  • Mrs. Ruth S. Foster          
  • Mr. Charles Foster          
  • Mrs. Ruth B. Fraley          
  • Ms. Mary E. Franklin          
  • Mr. and Mrs. Jack A. Frost          
  • Mr. and Mrs. Alan J. Goldstein          
  • Ms. Malen Hsu and Mr. Raymond Jenkins     
  • Mr. Daniel Hurley          
  • Mr. and Mrs. Frederick E. Hutchinson     
  • Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey W. Jones          
  • Mr. and Mrs. Eric Judson          
  • Ms. Roberta Kuriloff and Ms. Bernice Palumbo
  • Mr. Susan B. Lamb          
  • Mr. Michael Marino          
  • Ms. Doris Masten and Mr. Ronald Blau     
  • Mr. Chester Edward Norris, Jr.          
  • Ms. Patricia Quirk          
  • Mr. Raymond A. Rich          
  • Ms. Rebecca J. Sargent, CTFA, Esq     
  • Mr. Jeremy M. Strater          
  • Mr. and Mrs. Paul L. Tracy          
  • Mrs. Ginia D. Wexler          
  • Belview Corporate Charitable Remainder Unitrust
  • The Estate of Leona M. Hill          
  • Estate of Dorothy Gaspar          
  • Robert Bruce and Beatrice Blacky Goodrich Trust
  • Estate of Marila W. Lund          
  • Estate of Harry O. Michel          
  • Estate of Edward F. Small, Jr.          
  • Irving S. Ray & Ada H. Ray Memorial Fund     
  • Estate of Gladys H. Townsend          
  • The Allen C. &  Leurene F. Hodgkins Fund     
  • Estate of Constance L. Scott          
  • Estate of Judith J. Thompson          
  • Estate of Charles I. Thompson, Jr.          
  • Estate of Charles W. Sawyer, Jr.          
  • Estate of Edward S. Rendall          
  • Estate of Marjorie J. Hill          
  • Estate of Maxine W. Jordan          
  • Estate of Rovert L. Morrison     

For more information on how you can join this prestigious group, please contact:

JoAnn Rodick
Philanthropy Officer