Medicare Policies

There are two parts to Medicare coverage: The Facility portion (Part A) of your bill and the Physician portion (Part B) of your bill. Each account may contain several claims, which the government requires us to bill separately to different claims processing centers of Medicare. Therefore, you may receive statements where the balance due from you changes as different parts of the account are paid. In addition to statements from Northern Light Eastern Maine Medical Center, you may receive two separate Medicare Summary Notices (MSN) from Medicare. These will show total charges, what Medicare covered and what is still owed by you. The MSN's are not bills and you do not need to pay anything when you receive them.

If you have additional insurance coverage that pays after Medicare, we will bill each deductible and co-insurance amount to your insurance as the different parts of Medicare pay us. If your supplemental insurance pays all deductibles and co-insurance amounts in full, you may not receive a statement from us at all.

If you do not have additional insurance coverage beyond Medicare, you will receive statements for deductibles, co-insurance and non-covered charges as Medicare pays its part of the claim. You may also receive statements from other providers or specialists, who don't bill through Northern Light Eastern Maine Medical Center.

Balances are due in full when your statement is received. If you have questions or need to make special payment arrangements please contact one of the hospital's customer service representatives.

Until your hospital bill is paid in full, you may receive additional correspondence from our office to keep you informed of the status of your account.

For 2014 the Medicare deductibles are:
Part A - $1,216.00 per benefits period
Part B - $147.00 per calendar year

For 2015 the Medicare deductibles are:
Part A - $1,260.00 per benefits period
Part B - $147.00 per calendar year