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Offering vaccine pop up clinics to LGBTQ+ community

Date: 06/23/2021

Northern Light Health is offering pop-up vaccination clinics at two Bangor Pride events to help address vaccine hesitancy and healthcare disparities among the LGBTQ+ community.

Research shows that sexual and gender minorities and people of color are more vulnerable to becoming infected with the coronavirus and are more likely to have underlying conditions that could make them severely ill if they were to contract COVID-19. In addition, one’s personal experiences and history of discrimination in healthcare settings also influence COVID-19 vaccine acceptance. That is why Northern Light Health is committed to addressing healthcare disparities.

As the “Health Equity Champion” of this year’s Bangor Pride events, Northern Light Health is proud to offer these pop-up clinics as one way to address vaccine hesitancy. The organization will provide the one-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine at no cost to the patient. The vaccine is available to any members of the community 18 years or older. No pre-registration is required; however, Northern Light Health suggests that those wishing to be vaccinated bring their insurance identification card if they have one.

What we know:

  • A study published in the journal Vaccines showed that 1,350 men and transgender women who predominantly identified as gay or bisexual reported how likely they would be to get a COVID‐19 vaccine. The study found that sexual and gender minority populations are particularly vulnerable to poor COVID-19 outcomes and are more likely to experience stigma and medical mistrust that may impact COVID-19 vaccine acceptance.
  • Vaccine hesitancy can stem, in part, from pre-existing mistrust in the medical establishment. Increased medical distrust and social concerns were significantly associated with lower rates of vaccine acceptance.

Event information:

Bangor Drive-In Takeover at the Bangor Drive-In
Friday, June 25, doors open at 7 pm; both movies begin at 8:30 pm
Northern Light Health will provide the one-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine from 7 pm – through the end of the event.
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Bangor Pride Stationary Parade at the Hollywood Casino Racetrack in Bangor.
Saturday, June 26, from 12 – 4 pm.
Northern Light Health will provide the one-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine from 12 – 4 pm through the end of the event.

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