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Lead Gift for Cancer Genomics Research

Date: 11/22/2021

GerosOver the past decade, significant strides have been made in studying cancer and cancer treatment at the genetic level. Because of this, many types of cancers now have a high degree of treatment success, bringing hope and joy to individuals and their loved ones.
While there are high profile research centers that are doing significant work in the field of cancer genomics research, many treatment providers, like Northern Light Cancer Care, are also involved in cutting-edge research.
One of the difficulties of supporting sustained research is often acquiring the necessary funding. That is why a major gift made to Northern Light Cancer Care is so exciting. Jim and Cathy Gero have donated $250,000 in support of cancer genomics research, with a major goal to fund a cancer genomics research coordinator position, along with funding other critical components such as clinical trials of promising cancer treatments.
Their generous support not only demonstrates their commitment today, but they have also created a legacy for the future. The Geros have committed a significant gift from their estate to create the James and Cathy Gero Endowment Fund for Cancer Genomic Research to provide ongoing support to improve upon existing therapies and support advancements in oncology care for patients.
According to Cathy, “We love Maine and know how hard it is for people facing a cancer diagnosis. We would like to be part of an effort to enhance the ability of Northern Light Cancer Care and the Lafayette Family Cancer Institute to provide the best treatments possible. By funding genomics research at a local level, we are hoping to provide a catalyst that will lead to studies of different avenues of treatment, using the latest technology.”
Jim and Cathy have put out a call to action for others in the community to contribute to this effort. To that end, a major gift from The Partridge Foundation, a John and Polly Guth Charitable Fund has also joined this effort to support cancer research. It’s an exciting way to raise awareness and encourage others to support this cause.
Northern Light Cancer Care medical oncologist and director of clinical research, Sarah Sinclair, DO is optimistic about the possibilities the matching gift provides, “Genomic medicine is a rapidly growing field that has emerged as an important tool in improving our understanding of the biologic and molecular complexity of cancer. With the ability to obtain genomic information from an individual tumor, we can begin to personalize oncology treatment and improve upon existing therapy.”
Clinical research is essential to the continued improvement in cancer treatment. Northern Light Cancer Care is committed to supporting an active clinical trials program for cancer patients in our region. “We are grateful to the Geros for their visionary support and the lasting impact it will have on current and future patients. Their gift, and that of others, enhances our ability to further precision cancer treatment, develop innovative therapies, and provide hope and cures for cancer patients in Maine and beyond.”