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Helpful tips from a family medicine physician

Date: 06/23/2021

Paul Jurgens, MD, family medicine physician for Northern Light Eastern Maine Medical Center, enjoys getting to know his patients. “I feel that developing a good relationship based on trust is not only beneficial to me as the healthcare provider, but helps my patients feel comfortable in sharing important aspects of their health and life in general,” he observes. 

Over time, Dr. Jurgens has noticed some things that help make the first meeting with a new provider productive and satisfying. Below are tips he’d like to share with anyone who is preparing to meet for the first time with a new provider – 

Tip 1

Use the establishing visit effectively. Be prepared to share your history and personal experiences so the provider gets to know you. This is a great way to make sure the provider has a good, holistic sense of who you are as a person. 

Tip 2

Develop a list of goals, regarding your health and other important parts of your life, to share with the provider. 

Tip 3

Develop a list of questions to ask your provider. What is their area of specialty? What is their wellness philosophy? How do they like to work with their patients? Pay attention to how the provider answers the questions you present. Do they listen well? Seem interested in getting to know you? Do you think they will make a good healthcare partner for you? 

Tip 4

If you are taking any prescriptions, bring those with you to your visit. This can help the provider understand your current medications. Also be prepared to share what you take for over the counter medications and supplements (aspirin, vitamins, herbal products, etc.). 

Tip 5

Be prepared to talk about your advanced care plan. That is, items like power of attorney, advanced directives, organ donations, and living will. 

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