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Treehouses for children, and children at heart

Date: 07/22/2020

Approximately half the clients at Northern Light Hearing Care are pediatric patients, and one of the elements of the team’s work is using sound booths for testing. Typically, sound booths are dull, dimly lit, and completely silent, and can be a cold and unwelcoming space, especially for children.

The team recently partnered with Mark McCollough, wildlife biologist and artist, who has painted murals in other areas of the Medical Center. Thanks to Mark, these dull booths were transformed into a magical forest of treehouse adventures!

Jaime Welsey, AuD, audiologist, Northern Light Hearing Care, says, “Treehouses work well for this area because you’re opening the sound booth door into a small space, like you would in a treehouse. Mark’s artwork warms the space, making it inviting and fun.”

Mark says, "I enjoyed creating these whimsical animals: a fox talking to a raccoon with a tin can and string telephone, a raccoon in a hollow tree with headphones, lightning bugs signaling in Morse Code, chickadees, and shooting stars.”