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Northern Light Allergy and Immunology welcomes new allergist

Date: 12/24/2020

Bangor, Maine (December 24, 2020) – Rung-chi Li, DO, PhD has joined the team at Northern Light Allergy and Immunology. Dr. Li completed his medical education at Touro University – California, his residency in Internal Medicine from The Christ Hospital in Cincinnati and a fellowship in allergy and immunology at the University of Virginia.

Board certified from the American Board of Internal Medicine, and the American Board of Allergy and Immunology, Dr. Li specializes in identifying, treating, and helping to prevent allergic conditions affecting the immune system.

With extensive scientific training in pharmacology and neuroinflammation, Dr. Li aims to find the correct diagnosis of his patients’ allergies, and develops individualized treatment plans, considering patient preferences, clinical data, and the risks and benefits of therapies. His aim is to provide his patients with knowledge about their allergies and the latest treatment for their care, to sustain a lasting and high-quality life. Welcome aboard, Dr. Li!

For more information or to make an appointment, call Northern Light Allergy and Immunology at 973.6584.