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First total ankle replacement at Northern Light Eastern Maine Medical Center a success

Date: 01/28/2020

Whether you love to walk, run, hike, ski, or enjoy any of the other activities Maine has to offer, ankle pain and injuries shouldn’t hold you back. Northern Light Eastern Maine Medical Center now offers total ankle replacement (TAA), and recently successfully performed the first transfibular total ankle replacement in Maine.

Generally ideal candidates for ankle replacement include those who have no significant bony deformity, advanced arthritis, and a lifestyle that is compatible with low impact exercise or work without heavy lifting or running.

Much like a hip or knee replacement, surgeons perform TAA by removing arthritic cartilage and part of the bone from the ankle joint and replacing it with metal and plastic components. This method helps regain motion and results in less stress on other joints of the foot. “The goals of the surgery are to lessen pain, regain range of motion and improve quality of life,” explains Paul Benoit, MD, FAAOS, chief of orthopedics and orthopedic surgeon at Northern Light Orthopedics.