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First registered nurse graduates from Medical Center’s RN Sponsorship Program

Date: 07/22/2020

By 2025, Maine will have a workforce shortage of close to 3,200 nurses. Northern Light Eastern Maine Medical Center has developed several strategic initiatives to combat this shortfall. The RN Sponsorship Program is one of them.

Northern Light Health is committed to the advancement of their employees. This program is one of many that are available to help our employees, who are rooted in the community, and in tune to the needs of their patients, reach their full potential.

Bridget Squires, RN, Supplemental Staffing, is the first person to graduate from the Northern Light Eastern Maine Medical Center RN Sponsorship Program. In this inaugural program, participants attend classes while receiving full time pay and benefits, support from a mentor, and payment for program tuition for up to two years.

One of the many benefits of the RN Sponsorship Program is the ability for participants to advance their experience.  Bridget began her career at the Medical Center as patient observer, then to a CNA and finally now, an RN. She has developed into an extraordinary healthcare professional whose talents add to the nursing team.

Ali Worster, Esq., vice president, Human Resources, Northern Light Eastern Maine Medical Center, talks about meeting Bridget for the first time, “When we first met, Bridget was compassionate, dedicated, and radiated a warmth that we knew would have a positive impact on our patients. We are so proud to have her join the ranks of our skilled and devoted nurses.”

For information about the RN Sponsorship Program, please call Stacey Coventry, director of Volunteer and Community Development Services, at 207.973.7851.