Edie Anne's Weight Loss Success Story

Edie Anne Before
My Dad passed when he was 56 years old from a laundry list of health issues and I was easily following in his footsteps. Many of the things he suffered with I was beginning to see signs of in myself, including heart disease.

Not a decision to be made lightly, I had thought about weight loss surgery for a few years before actually perusing it. It takes courage, but I refused to end up like my father. I struggled in the last 15 years with weight gain and my health was continually going downhill. 

To get you ready for surgery in the Northern Light Surgical Weight Loss program, you begin testing for many things. During this process, I discovered other health concerns that would not have come up. So following through with bariatric surgery became something other than weight loss. This was a blessing, and may have saved my life.

I officially began my Gastric Bypass Journey in November 2017. My life is stronger and happier because of the changes I have made.

At my highest weight I was 255 lbs, and I recently reached my goal weight of 144 lbs! In addition to losing the weight, I am proud to have stopped 5 out of 7 medications. My energy is way up, my diabetes and GERD are gone, and now I have the energy to play with my grandson and help my daughter with her twin girls.

This program is not an easy way out. It takes a lot of work, and I continue to make decisions based on my health every day. It includes a diet of lean meats and protein, vitamins, bringing exercise in, and maintaining a positive mindset.

I know that my positivity is key to setting myself up for long-term success, keeping me on track, and helping me to be the best version of myself.

Edie Anne After