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The overnight sleep study is a comprehensive test performed in our lab to diagnose sleep disorders and assess the effectiveness of treatment.

After arriving at Northern Light Sleep Diagnostics on State Street in Bangor, patients are greeted by trained and certified sleep technologists and set-up with the monitoring equipment. An important goal is to have patients ready to go to sleep close to their regular bedtime as comfortably as possible with the monitoring equipment. The facility's private monitoring rooms are designed for the patients' comfort.

The specialists will tailor the study request to each patient's specific symptoms, condition, and needs.

Home sleep study

Under physician direction, we offer home sleep studies. A home sleep study may be useful for evaluating sleep apnea. Breathing during sleep is monitored using a portable device. This study is especially useful for initial screenings for sleep apnea.

To prepare for the study, patients first meet with a sleep technologist to obtain instructions on how to connect the portable device. During that night, in their home, they attach the device as instructed and sleep according to their normal routine. Patients then return the equipment the following day; the data is downloaded and interpreted by one of Northern Light Sleep Diagnostics specialists.