Hip and Knee

GettyImages-1055496240-(2).jpgHip and knee problems can occur at any stage of life. And whether you blew out your knee playing football or have chronic hip pain, our orthopedic specialists will put you on the path to recovery. We’ve helped thousands of hip and knee patients overcome injury, disease and other problems that make walking difficult. If you are experiencing hip or knee pain and feel you could benefit from seeing an orthopedic surgeon, please contact our office for more information.

Understanding the Hip and Knee

Your hips and knees are large, weight-bearing joints. They help you stand, walk and perform powerful movements like running, jumping and squatting. And they often endure forces several times your body weight.

The knee is a hinge joint made up of three bones: the bottom of your thigh, the top of your shin bone and your kneecap.

The hip is a ball-and-socket joint. The top of your thigh bone has a rounded shape, like a ball. It fits into a bowl-shaped hollow (socket) in your pelvis.

Both pairs of joints are held together and protected by various tissues. Ligaments connect the bones to other bones. Tendons connect bones and muscles. And a layer of slippery tissue called cartilage covers the ends of your bones. This helps them glide against each other during movement.

If something harms your hip or knee joint, including a bone or the surrounding tissue, you may have pain, swelling and other symptoms that make it hard to get around.


Hip & Knee Care Services

If hip or knee problems threaten your mobility, turn to Northern Light Eastern Maine Medical Center. We’ll help take away your pain and other symptoms – and give you a new lease on life. We specialize in knee and hip osteoarthritis, osteonecrosis, bony malalignment, fracture care, and injections for the hip and knee. Our areas of expertise include:

  • Non-surgical treatments including cortisone injections, bracing, casts, and orthopedic rehabilitation

  • Joint replacement surgery, including hip replacement surgery, knee replacement surgery, and total joint revision surgery

  • Surgery to repair torn ligaments or tendons, or to reposition and stabilize broken bones

  • Hip and knee injuries ranging from sprains and fractures to ligament injuries and meniscal tears

  • Cartilage problems including joint degeneration

  • Medical conditions such as arthritis and tendonitis


​Hip and Knee Replacement Joint Center of Excellence

Hip and Knee Replacement Joint Center of Excellence designated by the Joint Commission since 2011.

Northern Light Hip and Knee Replacement Joint Center of Excellence is a comprehensive total joint replacement program dedicated to providing you with the highest quality and safest surgery that meets or exceeds national standards. We offer a full range of total and partial joint surgical services including minimally invasive surgery, computer assisted surgery, oncologic surgery, and revision surgery. We follow strict quality measures and best practice, evidenced based care. You will be out of bed and walking within hours of your surgery will likely be discharged the next morning with home services. If you qualify, your surgeon will discuss if you qualify for our same day surgery program. 

When you choose Northern Light Eastern Maine Medical Center, you can rest assured that you’re receiving outstanding care while remaining close to your home and family. We take a team approach to customizing a program that meets your individual needs. This team includes occupational and physical therapy, pharmacy, nursing, surgeons, & care management. You will attend a pre op class and go through our pre op surgical navigation department where we will make sure you are at your best before surgery. 

Our care team will be with you every step of the way to answer questions and provide the support you need to get back to enjoying life.

When it’s time to pursue joint replacement surgery, our team is here to help.


About the Joint Center of Excellence

  • Performs more than 500 total hip and knee replacements a year.

  • Has virtually eliminated the need to give blood transfusions for joint surgery.

  • Is certified by The Joint Commission for hip and knee replacement surgery. EMMC is proud to be the first hospital in Maine to earn the gold seal of approval for joint replacement quality and safety.

  • The program has been certified with a top survey by The Joint Commission since 2011.

  • Is committed to ensuring we follow nationally recognized standards of care.

  • Is dedicated to the prevention of post-operative complications such as wound infections.