Risk factors for colorectal cancer

What are the risk factors for colorectal cancer?
A number of risk factors have been identified that increase the risk of colorectal cancer which include unhealthy diet, smoking, and obesity. A small number of patients may have a significant increased chance of colorectal cancer if they have one or several family members diagnosed with the disease. Specific mutations in your DNA may be inherited that increase their risk of colon cancer.
Who is at risk of developing colorectal cancer?
There is evidence that a growing number of younger patients are affected by colorectal cancer. The incidence of colorectal cancer is also on the rise in African Americans. The reason for this is not clearly understood.
Some specific populations are at higher risk because of personal or family history of inflammatory bowel disease; patients with personal or family history colorectal cancer or polyps; or ovarian, endometrial, or breast cancer, suggest possible genetic predisposition to cancer, and may be at increased risk as well.