Colon surgery for other conditions

Northern Light Eastern Maine Medical Center offers knowledge and expertise of board-certified gastroenterologists and surgeons in the management of other colorectal diseases such as:
Inflammatory bowel disease (Crohn’s disease and Ulcerative colitis) - inflammation in the bowel causing    diarrhea, pain, and intestinal blockage
Diverticular disease – presence of pockets in the colon wall resulting in bleeding, inflammation and pain

Rectal Prolapse – condition in which the rectum is stretched out and protrudes out of the anus
Colonic inertia – condition that causes significant chronic constipation that fails to respond to laxatives
Anorectal problems – Anal fissures, hemorrhoids, anal fistulas, puritus ani, fecal incontinence
Our surgeons are highly skilled in performing specialized procedures, such as:
Laparoscopic Robotic Colectomy – Northern Light Eastern Maine Medical Center has the most advanced DaVinci robotic system that helps surgeons remove a section of the colon with use of a couple of small incisions to allow for less pain and faster recovery.
Laparoscopic Robotic Proctectomy (Low Anterior Resection) – This is surgery to remove the rectum for patient with rectal cancer or inflammatory bowel disease. Our surgeons trained in removing even tumors that are close to the anus, which potentially can avoid the need for permanent colostomy.
Robotic Rectopexy – This is surgery to treat rectal prolapse by fixating it to the tailbone to prevent it from   protruding out of the anus.
Ileal pouch (J-Pouch) – This is a highly specialized surgery that helps patient who failed treatment for Ulcerative colitis and who need their whole colon out. The fecal reservoir is created using the small bowel and prevents patients from having a permanent stoma.
Transanal Excision of Rectal Tumors – This is a procedure to remove benign and early malignant tumors in the rectum through the anal opening by using specialized instruments by trained surgeons. This avoids the need for major abdominal surgeries for these cases.
Sacral Nerve Neuromodulation – This is treatment for fecal incontinence by stimulating the nerves that control the bowel.