Presenting our latest DAISY Award recipients

Date: 11/03/2021

Let’s hear it for this quarter’s DAISY Award recipients!

Carol Fortier,  BSN, RN, VA-BC, Medical Imaging

Carol, who has been a nurse at the Medical Center for 38 years, was nominated for this award by a thankful patient who said, “Sometimes you meet people that make your day and Carol was that for me. Her caring touch and encouragement were remarkable. Carol noticed I was alone and upset and she stayed with me and talked me through a difficult time. Thank you, Carol for being a few-and-far-between nurse!”


Emily Randall, BSN, RN, Cardiac Unit

Emily was nominated by a colleague who noted her remarkable ability to connect with patients and coworkers. Her nomination reads, “Emily strives daily to make sure her patients and staff are safe and taken care of. Emily provides emotional support, showing empathy and respect to everyone she encounters. She knows that the dignity of patients is an important aspect of ethical care. She shows this with every patient, ensuring they are involved in decision-making.”


Ryan Tham, BSN, RN, Cardiac Unit

Ryan was nominated by a coworker for being a true team player. His nomination says, “Ryan is one of those nurses that you see doing the most that he can, not only for his patients, but for other staff as well. Any patient that Ryan sees always sings his praises.   In addition to the exceptional patient care he provides, he excels at being a team player. The accountability he has as a team member is something I have never seen before.”

Grace Yehle, RN, Pediatrics

Grace was nominated by a patient’s family member who said, “Grace was a constant, kind, calming force in a very crazy storm in our lives. She was helpful in every way, explaining everything that was being done and being a cheerleader like she was family. We have two daughters who are nurses and we never realized how hard they worked until we saw firsthand. Thank you for having such an amazing, hardworking staff. They made our stay as positive as a hospital stay can be.”

Congratulations and thank you to these nurses who go above and beyond. Our nurses’ healing hands and commitment to caring inspire all of us every day to make healthcare work better for our patients! Learn more about the DAISY Award and nominate a nurse today at