Daisy Award Recipients

Date: 05/17/2021


Let’s hear it for this quarter’s DAISY Award recipients!

Chris Gerry, RN, Cardiac Care

Chris cares for the most challenging patients on the Cardiac Critical Care Unit with love and dignity. According to a co-worker, “Chris is always positive and kind to every single person she meets. She radiates love and caring and serves as a role model for even senior nurses on our unit. I am really proud to work with Chris. There are so many reasons and specific scenarios I could write... but I will just say that Chris is so dedicated to her unit, this hospital, and the community. She encompasses what it is to be a nurse and she lives it every day. Chris has the heart of a nurse.”


Ng Christopher, BSN, RN, Acute Rehab

According to one of her patients, “Ng taught me what I needed to know before I came home.  She was able to make me laugh. She consistently had optimism but could also be serious when I needed her to listen to my concerns. I appreciate her efficiency and kindness. Ng is a person I have been honored to know and was glad she was my nurse when I needed her most!” Ng was also recognized by a co-worker, “Ng certainly supports our mission and vision; she is a great example of what being a nurse at Northern Light Eastern Maine Medical Center is and should be.” Working on the busy Acute Rehab Unit, Ng is clearly making a great impression with her patients and co-workers.


Rena Schaefer, RN, Labor and Delivery

Rena works in Labor and Delivery, supporting mothers as they give birth to their precious little ones. Combining smart clinical skills along with a truly special ability to bond with her patients and their family members, Rena receives sparkling reviews. One patient and her spouse had the following to say, “You can tell she takes pride in what she does, loves what she does, and wants a patient to feel like family.” The mother-to-be was from a different cultural background, and when Rena asked about any special cultural requests, it immediately put both mom and dad at ease and created a trusting and caring relationship.

Congratulations and thank you to these nurses who go above and beyond. Our nurses’ healing hands and commitment to caring inspire all of us every day to make healthcare work better for our patients! Learn more about the DAISY Award and nominate a nurse today at northernlighthealth.org/emmcdaisy.