Congratulations to our latest SUNSHINE Award recipients

Date: 08/05/2021

Congratulations to our latest SUNSHINE Award recipients, Jarrod W., CNA III and Michael B., CNA III!

The SUNSHINE Award is presented to certified nursing assistants who best exemplify the qualities of the SUNSHINE Award:
Understanding and
Nurturing while
Sharing a
Helping hand

The criteria established for selection of the award includes a CNA who provides compassionate care to patients and their families, and exemplary service to patients and the care team, and exemplifies a continued commitment to nursing excellence.
Congratulations to Jarrod, CNA III, who received the SUNSHINE Award this last quarter! Jarrod works on Grant 5 and has been with the Medical Center for 4 years.  Jarrod’s nomination states, “The compassionate care that he provides to our patients day in and day out never ceases to amaze me. He continues to strive to do better, learn more, and exceed patient expectations. I continually hear from patients and their loved ones about how great he is… He never says, ’That is not my patient’ or ‘I don't have time.’”
IMG_2078.jpgJarrod’s leaders say he gives excellent care to his patients and treats each as if they are his family members. He follows through, keeps patients safe, and never cuts corners. He truly spends time with patients, versus just entering a room to perform a task. Congratulations, Jarrod!  Keep up the great work, and thanks for being a bright light of SUNSHINE for your patients!

Congratulations to Michael, CNA III, who also received the SUNSHINE Award this past quarter! Michael works on Grant 4 and has been a CNA with the Medical Center for 18 years. Michael’s nomination states, “He is extremely compassionate, caring, and always makes time to help anyone in need, regardless of how busy he is. Michael is a very hard worker, and I am proud to be his teammate. He is an exceptional team player. He has a strong work ethic, is empathetic to his patients, and makes them feel comfortable when they are in such a vulnerable state from being in the hospital. Michael advocates for all of his patients as well as his team members.”
Michael’s leaders say, “Michael gives conscientious compassionate care to all his patients. He is an advocate for safety and a team player. He is a strong example of the mission here at the Medical Center. He brings ideas for positive change to the table on a regular basis.” Congratulations, Michael! Thanks for all the great attention and care you give your patients!
Hats off to you, Michael and Jarrod! Thank you for the sunshine you both bring to our patients’ and colleagues’ lives through your kindness, empathy, and dedication.