Jackie P., BSN, RN

Congratulations to Jackie P., BSN, RN, assistant nurse manager, for receiving this year’s DAISY Nurse Leader Award for her exceptional dedication to our medical center’s ICU and PICU. With 33 years of service, Jackie's leadership, perseverance, and unwavering support are the cornerstones of the units. She tirelessly works to make sure everything runs smoothly, promptly addressing issues while fostering an environment that encourages staff input and professional development.

A champion of quality patient care, Jackie advocates for staff and patients alike, focusing on improved outcomes, innovative policies, and effective hand-off processes. She's a steadfast supporter of nurses seeking further education, cheering them on while assisting them in their career goals.

Beyond her professional aptitude, Jackie is a compassionate person, ever ready to diffuse tough situations and celebrate staff achievements. Her commitment extends beyond the hospital walls, encouraging nurses to engage in community service, exemplifying the essence of nursing.

Jackie's open-door policy, deep knowledge, and approachability make her an invaluable asset. She consistently provides emotional support to her team, maintaining a full candy bowl and a box of tissues for those difficult days. Her dedication and positivity have remained constant through change and turnover, highlighting her steadfast commitment to our organization and those we serve.

Jackie's dedication, professionalism, and compassion represent the pinnacle of nursing leadership. As the rock of the ICU and PICU, we couldn't be more thankful for her service and her recognition is well deserved.

Congratulations, Jackie!