Medication Safety

C.A. Dean’s Commitment To Our Patients

C.A. Dean and Northwoods Healthcare take our role for providing local access to quality care seriously. By having your hometown family doctor aware of all of your medications, you limit your risk of a potentially harmful medication incident. So, at your next appointment, please remember to bring YOUR bag.

Why a “Brown Bag” Check?

As many patients also see outside specialists or providers, your local provider may not always be aware of all of the medications you are currently taking, which could impact your medical treatment. The “brown bag” check may also bring to light any expired medications or duplication of therapy, plus relieve the patient from remembering a list of complex drug names that may sound similar to what the patient is taking, but may be a completely different medication.

Patient Safety

With patient safety as a top priority, the providers of Northwoods Healthcare and Charles A. Dean Memorial Hospital have started a new initiative. Starting immediately, when patients request an appointment at Northwoods Healthcare, patients will be asked to bring all of their medications with them to their appointment, not just a list, but the actual bottles. The “brown bag “visit should include all prescriptions, over the counter medications, supplements and herbal products that the patient is currently taking.

Download a copy of our Medication Safety Brochure