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Northern Light Maine Coast and Blue Hill Hospitals increase access to life-saving Naloxone Kits

Date: 03/30/2023

Opioid-related overdose deaths remain a serious public health threat. An estimated 716 Mainers died from drug overdoses in 2022, which is an all time high for the state.
“The people who are dying from these overdoses are our neighbors, friends, and loved ones. We can help save their lives by increasing access to the life-saving anti-overdose drug naloxone,” explains Mike Murnik, MD, senior physician executive Northern Light Blue Hill Hospital. 
Northern Light Health has partnered with the state of Maine to dispense free Naloxone kits through several of our member organizations, including Northern Light Blue Hill and Maine coast Hospitals.
“Our Emergency Department and primary care providers have all undergone special training to educate the public on the use of these kits and can now prescribe and dispense these kits as permitted by Maine law without needing a doctor’s prescription,” explained Dr. Murnik. 
If you or someone you know is at high-risk for opioid overdose or if you are interested in carrying it in case of an emergency in your community or workplace, get a naloxone kit. All you need do is ask a member of your primary care team or contact one of the many local organizations facilitating training and access to Narcan.  
“What’s important here is that people know that they can get a kit, even if it’s not for them. The goal here is to get this life-saving drug out where it can do the most good,” Dr. Murnik concludes. If you’d like more information on opioid prevention resources offered by Northern Light Health and other state and local organizations, visit