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Geriatric program at Northern Light Acadia Hospital receives new name

Date: 03/02/2022

Acadia Hospital has announced a formal renaming of its nationally-recognized geriatric program that serves older Maine residents facing neurocognitive decline. What was the Geriatric Mental Health and Neuropsychiatry Program under the direction of Cliff Singer, MD, is now Center for Geriatric Cognitive and Mental Health.

The Center for Geriatric Cognitive and Mental Health consists of three distinct programs:

  • Mood and Memory Clinic – Our Mood & Memory Clinic follows nearly 1,000 Maine people with a wide range of mental health and cognitive disorders.
  • Robert C. Strauss Neurocognitive Research Program – Our research program is the largest of its type in northern New England and has a national reputation for high quality clinical research. In 2020, the program was named in honor of Robert “Bob” Strauss through a generous gift by his long-time partner, Camilla Cochran. 
  • Maine Initiative for Neurologic Aging and Health (MAINAH) – MAINAH is our research registry with more than 800 enrollees (and growing!) from all over Maine, of all ages, who are eager to learn how to keep their memory sharp and help advance research promoting active, healthy minds into old age.

You can learn more about each of these programs HERE or by calling 207.973.6100.