Get Lost in Your Imagination!

Take a break from the daily stress with free drawing and coloring pages donated by an Acadia staff member.

Doodles by Mack-a-Doodle

Shane Mack
Shane “Mack” McPherson, psychiatric technician at Northern Light Acadia Hospital, inspires kids with his fun and beautiful doodles.

Three-headed space aliens, googly-eyed ice cream cones, and mischievous unicorns are just a taste of the memorizing and whimsical world created by Shane “Mack” McPherson, psychiatric technician at Northern Light Acadia Hospital. The longer you stare at his doodle drawings, the more there is to see!

Now as we find ways to come together during Covid-19, Mack is making his doodles available for any kid (or kid at heart) who wants to get lost in a world of imagination. Open the file, print, and have fun!

Mack says that doodling has been shown to anchor the brain, “I am colorblind and find no joy in coloring, but I have seen the positive effect that coloring my doodles has on people.” He reinforces with his young patients how positive anchors like music, painting, drawing, dancing, or gardening can always be there for you while you’re working through your struggles.

Mack has also turned his pastime into a very successful fundraising effort for Acadia’s Pediatric Services. The Mack-a-Doodle Fund was created in 2018 at Northern Light Health Foundation, and so far, the more than $2,700 raised has been used to purchase needed items.

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