Alzheimer's Disease Clinical Trials Program

Research Program in Healthy Brain Aging and Alzheimer’s Disease

As the largest research program in brain aging, memory loss and Alzheimer’s Disease in northern New England, Northern Light’s Alzheimer’s Disease Research Program is committed to bringing the latest diagnostic methods and experimental therapeutics to our region.  We strive to have a broad spectrum of clinical trials from primary prevention to mild cognitive impairment to all stages of dementia. 


We generally recruit from the Northern Light Acadia Hospital Mood and Memory Clinic, but accept referrals for trials from the community, especially for people with normal cognition who are concerned about developing dementia, and patients diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment or Alzheimer’s disease who are motivated to participate in a clinical trial without having to go to Boston. 

Diagnostic Confirmation

Biomarker analysis provided by research protocols allow reseach subjects to learn of their risk for Alzheimer’s disease from amyloid or tau PET scans, CSF biomarkers or genotype. Experimental interventions include those aimed at reducing brain amyloid or tau levels, agents with putative neuroprotective effects or drugs that may enhance cognition or reduce psychiatric symptoms. 

Healthy Brain Aging Registry

We are also starting a registry and longitudinal study for cognitive health and dementia (Maine Initiative for Neurologic Aging and Health or MAINAH) in collaboration with other investigators in our region. We hope to eventually bring an NIA-funded ADRC to Maine. 

Open studies 

If you have any questions about a specific patient or just want to learn more about what trials are available in Maine, call or write us.

Lead Coordinator is Cindy Whited,, Office 207-973-7596 / Cell 207-735-4276
Principle Investigator is Cliff Singer,, Office 207-973-6100