Youth Suicide Prevention

Things to consider if a young person you know is in need of help...

If a child or adolescent you know is struggling and has come to you for help, you can take steps to assist them achieving a healthy, happy outcome and lifestyle. Below are some important facts about suicide that can help you determine if they need a higher level of help.

Warning Signs

Threats to hurt or kill oneself
• hopelessness
• increased substance use
• dramatic mood changes
• withdrawing or saying goodbye to loved ones
• sudden calm after a battle with depression
• sudden change in academic or social behaviors

Risk Factors

Risk factors include (but are not limited to) previous suicide attempts, mood disorders, access to lethal means (gun, knife, prescription drugs), substance use, and bullying.

Protective Factors

Protective factors can include frequent contact with caregivers, access to mental health services, connectedness to individuals, family, community/social institutions, and healthy coping skill development.