Talking with your child

  • Start early, as young as pre-k! Don’t wait until there’s a problem. Make sure your child knows you don’t approve of children using drugs and alcohol.
  • Find teachable moments to let your child know it’s OK for them to say “NO” to friends pressuring them. Encourage them to be their own individual.
  • Use current events, TV, music, magazines/books and social media to start conversations. When you see someone on TV using substances or hear song lyrics about drug use, ask your child what they think about it.
  • Confront problems quickly and directly.
  • If you’re having difficulty finding time to sit together, schedule it. Leave a note on their bed with an “appointment time” and place. Bring snacks.
  • Make sure you’ve left yourself open for your child to come back to you with concerns or questions anytime they to.