Myths and Facts

M: “They could just stop using if they really wanted to.”
F: Exposure to drugs can alter the brain in many ways. This can result in powerful cravings and urges that make it very hard for someone to stop using without support and intervention.
M: “You can’t help someone until they have hit rock bottom.”
F: Recovery can begin at any time in the addiction process. The earlier the intervention, the higher the rate of success. The longer substance abuse continues, the more difficult it can be to treat.
M: “Forcing treatment doesn’t work. The person needs to want the help.”
F: Not all treatment is voluntary. Sometimes, “mandated” treatment is the best chance someone can have. Pressure from families, employers, and the legal system can all help start the recovery process.
M: “Treatment didn’t work last time. There’s no point in trying again.”
F: Recovery can be a long journey, and there can be set backs. This doesn’t mean treatment has failed. A relapse is a signal that the person needs to get back on track