Our Services

​Let Northern Light Acadia Hospital’s expertise in mental and behavioral health, and substance use disorders help your organization to achieve holistic employee wellness.

Acadia Hospital's Healthy Life Resources program offers comprehensive and holistic mental wellness consultation, education, coaching, and data analysis using population health strategies and initiatives. We work with educational institutions, businesses of all sizes, and individuals to help employees and employers realize:

  • Holistic employee wellness
  • Optimal workplace performance
  • Quality of life
  • Reduced health plan costs
  • Increase individual and systemic resiliency

Our Services

Healthy Life Resources can be tailored to your organization's needs and enhances existing employee support programs. With our tools and expertise, we can guide your leaders and team members to optimal mental and behavioral wellness resulting in measurable benefits to your organization. Those services include:

  • 1:1 professional coaching
  • Engaging onsite or virtual trainings and seminars for leaders
  • Engaging onsite or virtual trainings and seminars for team members
  • Crisis management and stress management debriefings
  • Custom solutions for your specific employee culture. Examples include:
    • Using mindfulness in the workplace
    • Managing masking fatigue
    • Racial and political unrest: Ways to manage ‘lighting rod’ issues
  • Expert analysis on health plan claims data to reduce high costs and utilization
  • Navigational and Care Coordination services targeting health plan members with chronic health conditions and mental health conditions
  • Dedicated, low barrier, tele-therapy services
  • Access to myStrength mental health self-help platform with asynchronous coaching option

How to access:

Contact Angela Fileccia, LCSW, at 207.973.6446 or AcadiaHLR@northernlight.org.
For employees:
  • 24/7 on-demand resource center
  • Targeted strategies for mental wellness
  • Access to a dedicated therapist
  • Self-care and burnout prevention
  • MyStrength mobile app
  • Services and information tailored to specific social and cultural needs.
  • One-on-one support for individuals/groups

For employers:
  • Analytics to reduce health plan costs
  • Workforce mental wellness assessments
  • Coaching and navigational services
  • Health plan member outreach
  • Training and education for leaders and staff (including expert-lead trainings for staff or consultation with parents)
  • Employee direct behavioral health services and resources
  • Crisis services (including critical incident stress management debriefings after traumatic events in the workplace