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Births at Northern Light AR Gould Hospital Announced

Date: 08/16/2022

Presque Isle, Maine — Among the “special deliveries” born recently at Northern Light AR Gould Hospital were the following:



ALLEY – A girl, Teyla Elizabeth Alley, born June 3, to Laurie Theriault and Garrick Alley of Ashland. Maternal Grandmother is Teresa Kitchen of Ashland.


BLUE – A boy, Daniel Lee Blue, born June 22, to Emma Fay and Kasey Blue of Presque Isle.


FLANNERY – A girl, Georgia Ruth Flannery, born June 12, to Danielle Langley and Joshua Flannery of Fort Fairfield.  Maternal Grandparents are Linda and Lee Langley of Fort Fairfield.  Parternal Grandparents are Lynn and Michael Greenlaw of Fort Fairfield.


KAWALANSKY– A girl, Mauseck Wequai Rose Kawalansky, born June 11, to Sipsis Paul and Joshua Kawalansky of Presque Isle.  Maternal Grandparents are Waupi and Nicholas Paul of Presque Isle.  Paternal Grandmother is Karen Kawalansky of Presque Isle.


KENNESON – A boy, Elliot Ward Kenneson, born June 25, to Katherine and Adam Kenneson of Fort Kent.  Maternal Grandparents are Leisa and Mike Nadeau of St. John Plantation.  Paternal Grandparents are Lori and Jeffery Kenneson of Presque Isle.


MCATEE – A boy, Asa Wayne McAtee, born June 27, to Marlene Ouellette and Josh McAtee of Fort Fairfield.  Maternal Grandparents are Heather King of Presque Isle and Milton Ouellette Jr. of Campton, NH.  Paternal Grandparents are Shelley and Ronald McAtee Jr. of Presque Isle.


SALCH – A girl, Avalynn Pearl Salch, born June 30, to Mary-Helena and Mathew Salch of Westfield.  Maternal Grandparents are Donna and Thomas McInerney of Reading, MA. Parternal Grandparents are Linda and Raymond Salch of Caribou.  


WINGER – A girl, Ivy Elizabeth Winger, bone June 9, to Abigail Schools and Jaren Winger of Presque Isle.  Maternal Grandparents are Jody Schools and Toby Henderson of Houlton.  Paternal Grandparents are Tammy and Brad Winger of Presque Isle.




BATES– A girl, Evelyn Hope Bates, born July 26, to Jessica and Kayla Bates of Wade.  Grandparents are Connie Bates of Lincoln and Karin and George Howe of Wade.


BEAULIEU – A girl, Taylor Mattie Ray Beaulieu, born July 13, to Julea and Matthew Beaulieu of Presque isle.  Maternal Grandparents are Trudy and Henry Gorneault of Presque Isle.  Paternal Grandparents are Sonia Gagnon of Bangor and Gerry Beaulieu of Caribou.


CARTER – A boy, Meir Fynch Carter, born July 8, to Erin and Scott Carter of Presque Isle.  Maternal Grandparents are Martha and Tom Graham of Salisbury, NC and David and Veenita Casner.  Paternal Grandparents are Marie and Howard Carter of Piney Flatts, TN.


CONTRERAS – A boy, Faybian Sebastion Contreras, born July 9, to Elizabeth and Travis Contreras of Presque Isle.  Maternal Grandmother is Jennifer Green of Presque Isle.


GRANT– A boy, Greyson Robert Grant, born July 17, to Brittney Shields Grant and Lucas Grant of Caribou.  Maternal Grandparents are Connie and Craig Theriault of Caribou and Bruce and Tina Shields of Saco.  Paternal Grandparents are Monique and Wesley Grant of Houlton.


HUOPPI – A boy, Caden Powers Huoppi, born July 5, to Bethany and Logan Huoppi of Mapleton.  Maternal Grandparents are Elizabeth McHatten and Jeff Clark of Chapman and Jeff Lord of Lake Wylie, SC. Paternal Grandparents are Sarah and Eric Huoppi of Chapman.


HODGKINS – A boy, Daxton Stephen Hodgkins, born July 14, to Brittany Harris and Corey Hodgkins of Presque Isle.  Maternal Grandparents are Lisa and Roland Harris of Ashland.  Paternal Grandparents are Laurie Balzanelli of Yarmouth and Stephen Hodgkins of Phippsburg.


NICKERSON – A girl, Scarlett Rose Nickerson, born July 25, to Stephanie and Joshua Nickerson of Castle Hill. Maternal Grandparents are Anne and Dana Nadeau of Eagle Lake. Patneral Grandparents are Susan and Brent Nickerson of Castle Hill. 


WHITE– A boy, Everett Michael White, born July 25, to Katie Kelley and Allen White III of Presque Isle.  Maternal Grandparents are Kristi Kelley of Presque Isle and Michael Kelley of Bangor.  Paternal Grandparents are Laura and Allen White Jr. of Madawaska.