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May Births at Northern Light AR Gould Hospital

Date: 06/17/2021

Presque Isle, Maine — Among the “special deliveries” born at Northern Light AR Gould Hospital in May 2021 were the following:


CARMICHAEL – A girl, Paislee Ann Carmichael, born May 19, to Sheyenne Brewer of Presque Isle and Nicholas Carmichael of Littleton. Maternal Grandparents are Virginia Tomro of Steuben and Shane Brewer of New Sweden. Paternal Grandparents are Karen Carmichael of Littleton and Percy Carmichael of Littleton.


DIONNE – A boy, Jobie Richard Dionne, born May 11, to Alexa Woodman and Lukes Dionne of Washburn. Maternal Grandparents are Heather Belmain of Presque Isle and Edward Woodman, Jr. of Washburn. Paternal Grandparents are Maria Dionne of Washburn and the late Jobie Dionne.


FRIEDEL – A boy, Elliott David Friedel, born May 10, to Cintamini Johnson and Jack Friedel of Presque Isle. Maternal Grandmother is Cherie Nichols of Portland, OR. Paternal Grandmother is Deborah Friedel of Presque Isle.


LAMOREAU – A boy, Kai Roger Lamoreau, born May 20, to Tory Mullen and Devin Lamoreau of Presque Isle. Maternal Grandparents are Nicole Mullen and Roger Dunn of Presque Isle. Paternal Grandparents are Rita and Kevin Lamoreau of Presque Isle.


LAURITSEN – A girl, Lena Kara Lauritsen, born May 27, to Kristen and Colby Lauritsen of Presque Isle. Maternal Grandparents are Robin Fitch Stewart of Presque Isle and John Ireland of Waterville. Paternal Grandparents are Diane Palm of Presque Isle and Marc Lauritsen of Presque Isle.


MCFADGEN – A boy, Connell Joseph McFadgen, born May 17, to Brittany and Robert McFadgen of Presque Isle. Maternal Grandparents are Dolores and Joe Murphy of Glace Bay, Nova Scotia. Paternal Grandparents are Brenda and Byron McFadgen of Glace Bay, Nova Scotia.


MICHAUD – A girl, Rowyn Florence Michaud, born May 3, to Mindy and Devin Michaud of Caribou. Maternal Grandparents are Kelly Anstiss of Mapleton and Mark Desmond of Easton.  Paternal Grandparents are Lisa and Michael Michaud of Frenchville.


OLSEN – A girl, Leanneh Christine Olsen, born May 25, to Natasha Klinger and Andrew Olsen of Houlton.  Maternal Grandparents are Janeil and Greg Carmichael of Houlton.  Paternal Grandparents are Christine Olsen-Hall and Rick Hall of Mt. Chase.


PRIEST – A girl, Josephine Terri Priest, born May 22, to Molly and Jason Priest of Presque Isle. Maternal Grandparents are Diane and Robert Abrams of Cutler. Paternal Grandparents are Tina and Jeffrey Priest of Bradley and the late Terri Priest.


ST. PIERRE – A girl, Averie Jean St. Pierre, born May 12, to Rachel and Tyler St. Pierre of Presque Isle. Maternal Grandparents are Tracie and Glen Grew of Mars Hill. Paternal Grandparents are Bethany and Steve St. Pierre of Presque Isle.


STRATTON – A girl, Riley Rae Stratton, born May 27, to Chelsea and Brett Stratton of Ashland.


TISDALE – A girl, Julie Evelyn Tisdale, born May 17, to Rebeckah Gallagher and Jared Tisdale of Fort Fairfield. Maternal Grandmother is Nancy Gallagher of Presque Isle. Paternal Grandparents are Stacey Brooker of Fort Fairfield and Aaron Tisdale of Fort Pierce, FL.


TWEEDIE – A boy, Abel James Tweedie, born May 13, to Samantha and Joshua Tweedie of Blaine. Maternal Grandparents are Tammy Long and Bob Long of Easton. Paternal Grandparents are Susan and Michael Tweedie of Blaine.


VIOLETTE – A boy, Colton Lee Violette, born May 10, to Christian Breth of Littleton and Blake Violette of Littleton.