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Baby Steps Program to Begin March 1

Date: 02/20/2019

Presque Isle, Maine (February 19, 2019) — A new monthly educational and support group for new and expectant parents or caregivers is getting started in March through the efforts of Northern Light OB/GYN in Presque Isle.  The first meeting of Baby Steps takes place on Friday, March 1, from 10:00-11:00 am at the Mark & Emily Turner Memorial Library in Presque Isle.


“We get lots of questions, and not just from first-time parents,” explains Angela Hartman, RN, BSN, the clinical supervisor for the OB/GYN practice and coordinator of the new Baby Steps program.  “Oftentimes questions can come from parents who haven’t had an infant in the home for a few years, or grandparents who are taking on responsibility of helping to raise a grandchild…a role they may not have had in decades.”


As staff explored ways to better meet patient needs, the idea of an educational support group was embraced.  They decided to collaborate with the local library to host the event.


“We want all parents and caregivers to feel welcome. This isn’t just intended for our patients. By holding meetings away from the hospital, we are hoping that families from across the community, regardless of who they get their care from, will feel comfortable coming and benefiting from this group as they navigate the joys and challenges for parenthood,” says Hartman. 


Each month will feature a different educational topic, often with a guest speaker who is a subject matter expert for that topic.  In honor of National Nutrition Month in March, the topic of the first meeting will be Introducing Solids to your baby’s diet.  Other upcoming topics will include:  Reading to Babies, Formula Feeding/Iron Supplementing, Finding Childcare, Sun Safety, Breastfeeding, Car Seat Safety, Safe Sleep, Screen Time, and Handwashing. 


Baby Steps will meet the first Friday of each month at 10:00 a.m. at the library.  In addition to the educational topics covered each month, the group is a great chance for parents and caregivers to connect with other parents/caregivers in the region.  This is an opportunity to build a support network and learn from the experiences shared by others.


For more information on Baby Steps, you can contact Hartman at207.768.5944 or