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A.R. Gould Hospital Announces August Births

Date: 09/17/2018

Aroostook County  -  A.R. Gould welcomed the following “Special Deliveries” born at A.R. Gould Memorial Hospital in Presque Isle during the month of August 2018
BROWN – A girl, Mackenzie Rae Brown, born August 14, to Melissa and Tyler Brown of Presque Isle. Maternal Grandparents are Sue Rave and Carl Guignard of Lewiston. Paternal Grandparents are Lisa and Jeff Brown of Presque Isle.
CONDON – A boy, Chase Michael Condon, born August 27, to Crystal Keller and Michael Condon of Ashland.
DICKINSON – A girl, Alayna Lynn Dickinson, born August 3, to Melissa Langille and Gaige Dickinson of Presque Isle. Maternal Grandmother is Danielle Langille of Presque Isle. Paternal Grandparent are Kerry and Kenneth Dickinson of Presque Isle.
GAGNON – A boy, Logan Joseph Gagnon, born August 1, to Rachel Vaillancourt and Kalob Gagnon of Presque Isle. Maternal Grandparents are Patricia and William Vaillancourt of Ashland. Paternal Grandparents are Marcia Rounds of Vermont and Roger Gagnon Jr.
GEER- A boy, Maddox Cayson Jared Geer, born August 14, to Alexis Nichols and Andrew Geer of Fort Fairfield. Maternal Grandparents are Tanya and Joseph Nichols of Fort Fairfield. Paternal Grandparents are Kimbery Geer of Caribou and Jared Geer of Attleboro, MA.
GIZZIE – A boy, Braxton Thomas Gizzie, born August 3, to Jenni and Nickoles Gizzie of Presque Isle. Maternal Grandparents are Penny and Perry Maynard of Mapleton. Paternal Grandparents are Elisabeth Cuebas and Arthur Rudolf of PalmCoast, FL.
KENNESON – A boy, Simon Adam Kenneson, born August 24, to Katherine and Adam Kenneson of Fort Kent. Maternal Grandparents are Leisa Kelly-Nadeau and Mike Nadeau of St. John Plantation. Paternal Grandparents are Lori and Jeffery Kenneson of Presque Isle.
MARTIN – A boy, Levi Roger Martin, born August 21, to Naomi Maldonado and Alexx Martin of Van Buren. Maternal Grandparents are Kathy and Carl Maldonado of Van Buren. Paternal Grandparents are Jeannie and Bryan Littlefield of Bucksport.
MARTIN – A girl, Maizie Grace Martin, born August 28, to Meghan and Taylor Martin of Linneus. Maternal Grandparents are Karen and Patrick Murphy of Hudson, FL. Paternal Grandparents are Sheryl and Michael Martin of Hodgdon.
MICHAUD – A boy, James Edward Douglas Michaud, born August 27, to Jennifer and Shawn Michaud of Easton. Maternal Grandparents are Mona Bossie of Crodova, Alaska and Timothy Perkins of Presque Isle. Paternal Grandparents are Nancy and Paul Michaud of Caribou.
MILLER – A boy, Maddox Joshua Miller, born August 10, to Alyssa and Joshua Miller of Presque Isle. Maternal Grandparents are Angel and Jerry Murchison of Presque Isle. Paternal Grandparents are Sandra and James Miller of Washburn.
ROBINSON – A boy, Mason Lee Robinson, born August 6, to Chelsey Trombley and Michael Robinson of Presque Isle. Maternal Grandparents are Jennifer and Jason Trombley of Presque Isle.
THOMPSON – A boy, Axell Reegan Thompson, born August 27, to Angelie and Tyler Thompson of Presque Isle. Maternal Grandparents are Mary and Allen Michaud of Casle Hill. Paternal Grandparents are Mauria and Eldon Thompson of Dalton, GA.
TUCK – Twin Boys, Gary Everett Tuck III and Rey David Tuck, born August 5, to Lyn and Gary Tuck of Presque Isle. Maternal Grandparents are Jhoanna Kojima and Rudolfo Aragon of the Philippines. Paternal Grandparents are Jane and Gary Tuck of Fort Fairfield.
WALKER – A girl, Ayda Mae Walker, born August 15, to Morgan and Garret Walker of Portage Lake. Maternal Grandparents are Felecia Porter of Skowhegan and Kenneth Morton of Rockport. Paternal Grandparents are Cindy Soucier-Tardie of Portage Lake and Hazen Walker of Bucksport.
WALKER – A girl, Olivia Ann Walker, born August 18, to Mackenzie Chevalier and Christopher Walker of Portage. Maternal Grandparents are Kerry Chevalier of Portage and Ronald Chevalier of Walpole, MA. Paternal Grandparents are Cindy Tardie of Portage and Hazen Walker of Bucksport.