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Academy House to be demolished

Date: 11/15/2018

Academy House, located in front of Northern Light AR Gould Hospital, will soon be demolished.  The need for significant repairs to the structure has caused it to be used little in recent years.  The space where the house now stands will be developed into a parking lot in the spring.

Presque Isle, Maine (November 15, 2018) — Residents along Academy Street in Presque Isle can expect to soon see the demolition of a building that sits in front of Northern Light AR Gould Hospital (formerly TAMC). 


The property, known as Academy House, has been owned by the hospital for 35 years.  The house was originally the location of the office practice for Dr. Raymond Giberson, when he was a practicing surgeon.  The hospital purchased the land and the building from the Gibersons in 1983.


Over the years, Academy House has served many purposes, primarily as a conference and meeting area not just for the hospital but for local community organizations as well.  More recently the building served as a temporary space for the AR Gould employee gym.  Apartment space in the building has also been a temporary home for various employees over the years.  The building has not been used much in the past two years as it has been in need of substantial repairs. 


“After careful evaluation, we determined that we will be better served to demolish the building and clear the trees around the property so that we can develop a parking lot in the location in the spring,” explains Greg LaFrancois, president of Northern Light AR Gould Hospital.  “Parking at the hospital is in high demand, and this is really the only feasible space to be able to expand and to better meet the needs of our patients and visitors.”


Soderberg Construction plans to begin staging their equipment later this week, with demolition slated to begin on Monday, November 19.  The timing may be adjusted as needed to accommodate the weather.