Medical Minute

September is Healthy Aging Month

Date: 09/04/2019

September is Healthy Aging Month. Aging is an inevitable part of life so it goes without saying that the more cheerfully we can embrace the process the easier life will be for ourselves, as well as for our family members.

The best way to age gracefully is to develop healthy ways to deal with change such as counting your blessings. You may not have control over how things are changing your life, but you do have control over how you deal with it.

Speak up. When life’s changes frustrate you, take time to acknowledge that frustration constructively. Accept the things you can’t change. 

When you’re experiencing physical, emotional or financial stress, face it head on.

Sometimes the only thing we can control is our reaction to people in life’s circumstances.

                                                     Leane Saucier

                                                     Family Nurse Practitioner

                                                     Northern Light Primary Care